Yes life is short but, how short is short?

Last night hubby and I attended a memorial service for my cousin’s husband. On Valentines Day my cousin went outside to sweep snow off the cars and when she returned home 15 minutes later , her 51 yr old husband lay on the floor breathing his last breath. Massive sudden heart attack, gone !! And so the numbing shock invaded her body and every hazy attempt at a thought. Family gathered to support and love her as our family in known to do. From the death to the cremation to the service only 6 days had passed. Tomorrow , this family gathers together again to bury one of our own. In a different city, and a different reality, for this time we bury my 90 yr old uncle. He lived a long, active, interesting well traveled life and died peacefully medicated in a facility surrounded by loving staff and devoted relatives.  So I ask you, is life short or long ?? It depends on how you live it and with whom you share it. The lesson we take from this, is that no matter the length of your life, the quality is what matters in the end. We ended our evening with dinner at an Italian restaurant that my father loved and ordered chicken Marsala as he always did. He has been dead 13 yrs this March 21  and I miss him everyday. So in honor of those we love, let’s promise that we speak our truth, love as if there is no tomorrow and always be a source light and love in the world. Namaste  Linda

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