“If you see elements of garbage in you, such as fear , despair, and hatred, don’t panic. As a good organic gardener, a good practitioner, you can face this: “I recognize there is garbage in me. I am going to transform this garbage into nourishing compost that can make love reappear.”

Thick Nat Hahn

I found this quote and thought I’d share. Man o man o schevitz (as my dad used to say) I’ve got a shitload of garbage in my head! My head, not my Dad! Every damn day I start out with good intentions, really I do! But somewhere during the day the mind shit starts to rear it stinky head and grab onto my good intentions thereby squeezing the life out of them. BOOM there goes positivity down the toilet. So, I begin again, then BOOM another shit storm. This is how I live my days, in a battle between the garbage and the compost, trying to grow the more Love than shit. Sometimes the love wins, sometimes the shit. If this sounds familiar to any of you,then know you are not alone.as I wrap this post I will ready my meditation area for a 15 minute self love-fest to set my intentions for this day. They will be positive, loving and hopeful. I will pray for the absence of a mental shit-storm and the courage to turn it into compost if it comes. One day at a time! Right? Or one minute at a time! I wish you all love, light & peace xo Lindaimage

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