VertMont Perfumery. Waitsfield Farmers market. 

On a recent trip to the cabin in the North East Kingdom aka Vermont. aka Heaven. I visited the mother -daughter duo behind VERTMONT PERFUMERY at the Waitsfield farmers market.  I was on a mission to investigate all that I could in person.  I discovered this brand through a fellow you tuber Mercedes many months ago.  I explored their Etsy shop like a bloodhound on a search and rescue mission!  Yes, I’m that obsessed with scent!   However, since switching  to a ” Green & Cruelty Free” lifestyle, scent has been a difficult category.

Enter VertMont Perfumery!!!!   Bingo!  Jackpot! Eureka!   You get the picture. This stuff is everything I’d been looking for. It’s a small business run by women, made in America, cruelty free, organic ingredients and most of all, takes me to my HAPPY PLACE  😍😍

My first purchase through Etsy was the scent EROS in the roller ball bottle. It’s a sexy warm kind of ” mmmmm let me get a bit closer” sort of magic!   It’s so popular that it was given as a favor to wedding guests recently. That speaks volumes about this particular product. I think it’s the kind of scent that most people with a working nose would enjoy! 

So, back to my visit. I contacted the team weeks in advance through Instagram. Yes they will communicate with you directly on IG as well as email. Personally, I like when a real person is within reach.  On a stunning autumn morning I went to the booth to meet the duo and stick my nose into EVERYTHING!   There were several customers already there and Donna ( Mom, Boss, Creator) was fully engaged in with them. She interacts with people one on one to help determine which scent might be a good fit.  This passion is what makes the brand as good as it is.  To my surprise Donna looked up at me and said “Hi you must be Linda, So nice to finally meet you”!  It took me by surprise that she recognized me and said so. They both said in unison ” of course we do, we follow you”.   It’s the weird reality that others connect with you just as you feel the connection with  them.  

Me, Donna and daughter Tess. 

While momma was doing her thing I talked with Tess. She is a twenty something with a beautiful energy that was apparent from the first gorgeous smile!  We talked a bit about the products and I learned that there was more than just perfume to this brand.  They have created skincare, lip balm, deodorant and a green scent spritz for our pets.   Well! I knew then I’d be spending more than I anticipated. Gladly I may add because VertMont does what they do right!  

The other customers made their purchases and it was time to meet Donna.  I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed.   If you know me at all, it’s what is do!  She asked me what I was attracted to on her display and we talked about the kind of scents I like and don’t like. This info is her base knowledge used to suggest which product to sample. She applied each one to a different spot and gave me time to decide if it was a joyful experience or not.  Her suggestions based on our conversation were spot on!  Every time   This is what VertMont is all about, connection the customer.  Donna explains that without the human, face to face interactions she could not serve her customers properly. That level of personal service is lost if she and Tess are not physically present to talk to each and every person that comes to their booth.  This is about the time my appreciation for  VertMont went straight through the roof!   Current status?   Customer, admirer, fan for life!   No brainer Right?  

So,let’s get to  the nitty gritty What did I buy?

My new favorite scent is called CYRENA    Oh be still my heart ❤️.  One of its ingredients is to Tonka bean.  Oh yes!   CYRENA is  a deep sexy siren calling my name daily.  Like the call of the Mermaid which  cannot be resisted! And I don’t want to. I purchased the roll on bottle 10ml.   The deodorant in SOMA,  the facial care trio which includes a Serenity scrub, facial mist, and Neroli Nectar moisture oil.   This is seriously a ritual that take me to a truly serene head space!   And the scent is divine as well as my skin.  Let me not forget Mr. Murphy cuz he is after all the king in my house!  I purchased the Top Dog Fur Freshner.   Our pets deserve to breathe non toxic scent too. This is a fur spritz that contains only clean essential oils, water and alcohol free witch hazel. It’s Murphy approved!  

Now for the samples &  perks!   They included a lip balm and a moisture balm ( and its pink)   Also a necklace aroma diffuser made of clay in disc form with the logo MP recessed into it. I add a bit of fragrance oil and wear it short around my neck. I’m inhaling the scent throughout  the day.    Ah!  Nice idea VertMont 

I requested a sample of the CYRENA fragrance oil to offer as a give away.  I want to share this brand with all of you but, alas only one can receive this gift. 

 What are the rules? 

Subscribe to my blog, follow my Instagram account Lindalu1919, and subscribe to my you tube channel Lindalu19.  Go to VertMont Perfumery and sing up for the newsletter and follow them on Instagram at VertMont Perfumery  Leave a comment telling me why you want to try this product and I’ll choose a winner on the 31st, Halloween 

That’s it. That’s all.   I will check all accounts to see your comments and notify you on the 1st of November.  This is only open to the US and you must follow and comment on all accounts listed above.   

Thank you to Donna & Tess for your time, passion, products and generosity.                                 Go to their site and read the story of VertMont Perfumery    

One more pic just cuz!    The moisturizer balm in its pretty pink glory!    Sweetness

If you are obsessed with perfume but have quit the conventional brands filled with toxic ingredients, try this brand.  I love to spend my money in support of small brands that provide high quality products made clean ingredients.

Thank you for reading !   Please subscribe and leave a comment. Share with me your discoveries. 

In love & light, LINDA.    


2 thoughts on “VERTMONT PERFUMERY.  

  1. They sound like a lovely company! Oh my goodness…scent is one of those things that I miss the most in switching to “green” beauty. Don’t get me wrong…I really don’t like synthetic scents…just the variety and availability of really good scents. It’s such a struggle to find something. I love that there’s a perfumery like this out there! Thank you for a lovely description of your visit there!


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