1. For K. Xoxo.

    If you’re not the type to keep a Gratitude journal, consider this. A Swear journal! A place to unload all the crap from your day. A filthy little brain dumping station if you will. Not everyone enjoys chronicling life’s Splendor-ific moments Some stressed out souls need to let it go with one or fifty-seven F-bombs per day. No judgment zone aka Swear Journal to the rescue! Think about the exquisite plmeasure of F-ing this or S O B-itching her or Kiss my a** him Ahhh. The release !!! After a long ass day of being polite, potitically correct or just plain ole ” nice” It would be so awesome to pull out your own private log of the filthies, most inappropriate or wince inducing slurs imaginable. Now, doesn’t that sound super Fu** ing great 👍🏼. Yep! Go now. Get thee a fresh new notebook and a kick ass pen and get busy Have a great Fuc****g Day


3 thoughts on “SWEAR JOURNAL.

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  2. Dear Linda,

    You are a source of joy and wisdom that goes beyond anyone who is my age. It’s real, it’s true, and it’s never conditional. I know you wrote this for me and I am so appreciative of the support and emotional growth you have taught me in the last few months. I think my mom would be happy knowing I have a friend like you who really looks out for me without expecting anything in return. I will write in my shit journal with vigor and sass and think of you every time I do. I do have things I’m grateful for, you know what they are. I just don’t like to share them in case someone wants to take them away from me. Keep up the good work and remember, do it because you love it, and don’t wait for someone to show you love for what you love doing. Who cares what anyone else thinks? No one knows anything about you more than yourself anyway. Thank you for your friendship and I can’t wait to read what you have to say!!

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    • Oh my word You’re so kind. The highest compliment is to know your mom would feel good about my presence in her daughter’ life . You inspire me more than you realize I know you & I see you XXoo.


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