Earthwise Beauty Pacific Northwest Body oil

  • img_8964Stop all the clocks
  • put away the sidewalks
  • take a hot minute to read this news
  • Earthwise Beauty had given birth to a new product yet again. This time it’s all about your beautiful body !
  • Yesterday I received a box with the  new Pacific Northwest Body oil along with a bag of goldenlrod tea gathered from the meadows of AvaLand, Wa.

This is the long awaited release from the mind of alchemist Ava Zhan.   This is the first Earthwise product for the body. So far!    Hint Hint!!!

So far I’ve opened the metal screwtop cap from the 4.25oz glass bottle and plunged my olfactory glands deep into the forest of Washington state    In my mind I imagined a pine balsam lumberjack scent but, this is not so ” in your face camping among the the pines ” If fact it’s a more complex, light but green concoction of essential oils. It’s more wearable and enveloping than I expected.   It’s absolutely lovely! It’s green & clean & unisex in the best sense of the word.

As for color and texture:    It’s a most gorgeous golden shade on the skin but, darker more Seabuckthorne-ish in the bottle.

The texture is liquid and non-greasy It sinks in almost immediately So, no slip n’ slide bathroom floor action!  Thank you!!

I have a guessing game I play in my head where I try to figure out all the scent elements before reading the label!   So, I’m still working that. Lol. But you can go to the website and learn them now. Let me entertain myself for a while longer !!!

Tonight I’ll submerge my body in a deep hot tubby with a steaming cuppa tea. Follow up with a slathering of Pacific Northwest Body oil from neck to toes!         I’ll report back in about one week with my thoughts

In the meantime , carry on my wisdom warriors!  Be brave Be you



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