ROAD TRIP to Portland, ME Shopping Bags haul on youtube 3/17

Welcome back to the Living Out Loud blog

Youtube video will be live on Friday the 17th of March at Lindalu19

Today I’d like to share my finds while browsing Portland,ME.a few weeks ago. Hubby is a craft beer brew aficionado and there are many breweries on his ” too sample” list. So, road trip it was, me as the tag a long. The ride I say, but not the beer. That was all about the ‘Brew Brothers’.The name he gave the group of like minded men who hunt for the best of the best. BTW, he named his car GUS! As in GUS GUS THE BEER BREW BUS Yikes! Hard core hysterical But, this is not about his haul, it’s about mine. So, let’s go already! Day1 Alone in Portland for the first time, my thoughts began with COFFEE Starbucks, sil vous plait Grande Soy Latte avec 2 sucre. Merci!!!!! OK Now I could focus. GPS me to a Local Ulta, Target. Target first! I alway pick up a carriage even if i’m going in for a sponges cuz, come on! it’s Tar-Jay for Christ sake. We all know how this goes. I’m only picking up one thing, sponges, but somehow I find myself in Beauty, Home and Grocery. As you do, of course. So, I’m cruising along the store perimeter repeating my Sponge Mantra when I see W3LL PEOPLE on display. A pittifully small display but, hey it’s something Right? I had been searching since I first heard the news of WELL PEOPLE moving into a big retail space so, I was jacked up!!!!! Could have something to do with aforementioned latte but, I was Jacked ! My nimble greedy fingers grabbed the Bio Tint Moisturizer SPF 30 in #2 and the Expressionist Liquid liner in black. Mind you, I fail miserably at applying liquid liner but, I’m a sucker for ” try try try again” ARGH But I bought it anyway in a moment of inspiration or blind optimism ! After tossing them in my cart I bolted for the check out, must resist further temptation. Paid, bagged and back in the car Success was mine ! GPS take me to an ULTA and do it now! ( I’m very demanding ) HEE HEE Low and behold there was one not to far away and I was off to “kill time”Very dangerous way to shop, I might add. We all know this, right? Somehow I found the calm serenity to stroll around slowly and without that feeling of urgency that accompanied me in Target. Whew! Relaxed Of course I began on the right hand side of the store aka. Hi-end ! I always have a strategy, for everything BTW ! While operating in a sense of calm I was able to walk to the Lo-end side of the store without a single item in my possession. Score 1 for logic. Logically speaking, I need absolutely nothing from UlTA or Target for that matter. You should see my IKEA Alex 5 drawer !!! just Sayin’ With that being said, I did NEED brow product as I had forgotten to pack some. If you know the brow dilemma that I live with, you understand the need !!! Triple exclamation points. So, the NYX Brow Pomade EXPRESSO To be ripped into and applied in car. asap.! The cream Blush in Red! Not needed but discounted by 75% And it’s RED so, no brainer for this brunette with a penchant for ruddy cheeks & crimson lips. The blush stick from Wet n’ Wild was a mistake. Shade is toooooo warm and it smells weird. I like weird in my people but not in my makeup So, it’s out! All in all it was a productive little haul. Didn’t break the budget and bought products that bring my Joy ! A La marie Kondo However, I didn’t buy a sponge !!! Typical LOL


La haul


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