For K. Xoxo. If you’re not the type to keep a Gratitude journal, consider this. A Swear journal! A place to unload all the crap from your day. A filthy little brain dumping station if you will. Not everyone enjoys chronicling life’s Splendor-ific moments Some stressed out souls need to let it go with one […]


VertMont Perfumery. Waitsfield Farmers market.  On a recent trip to the cabin in the North East Kingdom aka Vermont. aka Heaven. I visited the mother -daughter duo behind VERTMONT PERFUMERY at the Waitsfield farmers market.  I was on a mission to investigate all that I could in person.  I discovered this brand through a fellow […]

Gressa lippie in Radient

Be still my heart!  This lil pot of lovely is rocking my world.  Just sayin!   It’s completely green and cruelty free.  this bright magenta shade is perfect for all of us brunettes  Aww who am I kidding?  Its a gorgeous shade for anyone. It’s a cool toned gem housed in a plastic pot that you […]